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Puzzle Games Addict has a bunch of free puzzle games where you have to figure stuff out instead of just blind clicking. We try to seek out and post all the best puzzle games from the web. These games require a lot of skill and appeal to everyone. We hope these games are all puzzling enough for you !


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Puzzle games are good for people of all ages, They are some of the most addicting flash games on the internet today. Just like back in the day when you couldn't put down a Rubiks Cube it's because the brain loves a puzzle. There is just something satisfying about defeating free puzzle games and to be able to accomplish the tasks within the game. The satisfaction of being able to outsmart the game is the reason puzzle games are so addicting and fun.

The name of the site is puzzle games addict simply because that's what happens. You start playing the various puzzle games and you get addicted. It happens to the best of us and there is no avoiding it. Our minds just love to play all the various puzzles and when you get to play them on a free flash games site that can be super addicting. People have been fascinated with puzzles since the dawn of time, it's just a way to challenge yourself and others in a fun way.

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Thank you for visiting our free puzzle games site. We hope you had fun and maybe even experienced some challenged with some of the various puzzle flash games we posted here. Please feel able to submit any comments or feeback about the puzzles any time.