Atomic Puzzle

Try to find all of the like colored atomic balls and eliminate them all in Atomic Puzzle.A fun whacky puzzle game where you need to eliminate all of the colored balls by smashing them together. Roll your mouse over the various balls and select which you want to eliminate, then the other like colored balls will crash together and be eliminated.


directions:Use your mouse to select the atomic puzzle pieces and eliminate them strategically to cause collisions.

Atomic Puzzle overview

When you play puzzle games, it is just like gambling. There are multiple paths and directions you can take to win because there is no specific correct way of ever doing them. You are given the puzzle, and you have to solve it with your own creative intelligence. This is similar to playing games at On their site, you can play games that are basically card versions of puzzle games. Your cards are the optional paths that you can take given to you at random, and the way you play them is similar to how you solve a puzzle.

This is such a great puzzle game, the goal of this game seems very simple at first, it's to eliminate all of the pieces on the screen by clicking on different atomic balls and eliminating them. As you eliminate atomic balls they smash together and the like colored pieces dissapear from the screen. Once you have eliminated all of the puzzle pieces then the level is won.

As you advance through the levels they get steadily harder and harder and new pieces are introduced as well. You will be able to flip puzzle pieces and try other tricks to solve the various puzzles. Atomic puzzle is over all a very well made and designed puzzle game and provides a ton of entertainment. We found the puzzles to be sufficinently challenging and also very fun. Walkthroughs are available in game if you get stuck but don't forget to come back and finish playing atomiz puzzle with us here at the puzzle games addict website.

Atomic Puzzle Screen Shots

Atomic Puzzle Level Selection
There are so many puzzle levels to choose from. They start to get harder and harder as you progress through the game and solve all of the puzzles.

Puzzle Pieces
When you click on pieces in the middle of others, the surrounging pieces crash into each other and like colored puzzle pieces will be eliminated. This will require a bit of strategy to make sure you leave yourself an out as you play.

New puzzle pieces are introducted
As you get further into the game new puzzle pieces are introduced to add a level of difficulty and strategy. Here you can see the swap puzzle piece which will swap the 2 colored atomic balls on either side of itself.

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